Let us talk about ourselves.

Kay Khoo drinks coffee.

After practising design in Malaysia for 2 decades, Kay moved to Mumbai for good. He has been the Creative Director of Kyoorius from 2006–17 and is an advisor to Some Early Birds. What started as a love affair with content, has propelled his journey as a curator, design lead and partner at Fish Do It, a vantage point from where he observes architecture and design in India. He is on Instagram, and occasionally tweets too.

Anusha drinks chai.

Anusha studied architecture but fell in love with writing and has stuck to it since 2013. She's currently curating Colour Quotient by Asian Paints. In the past, she's been a writer at Indian Architect & Builder, a contributor to INSITE and an associate editor at Kyoorius. She's usually either proofing or craving a good conversation in Hindi.

She's active on linkedin and posts travel photos on Instagram.

Ishika drinks green tea.

Sometimes a writer, sometimes an architect, Ishika is an ambivalent millennial who believes in cynicism, silver linings and #girlpower. She prefers the company of books and TV shows over people. A passive feminist, she’s on a perpetual journey towards hope; and cheesecakes. She posts about her love for all things dainty on Instagram and blogs excerpts of her travels and the dilemmas of being a millennial.

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