Let us talk about ourselves.

Kay Khoo

After practising design in Malaysia for 2 decades, Kay moved to Mumbai for good. He's a partner at Some Early Birds and the former Creative Director of Kyoorius. What started as a love affair with content, has propelled his journey as a curator, design lead and Co-founder at Fish Do It, a vantage point from where he observes architecture and design in India. He is on Instagram, and occasionally tweets too.

Anusha Narayanan

Anusha was trained as an architect. Since 2013, she's been a writer, editor, copywriter, strategic writer and comms. director. She's Co-founder at Fish Do It and partner at Some Early Birds. Former editor at Colour Quotient and consultant to Kyoorius. She's usually either proofing or craving a good conversation in Hindi. She's active on LinkedIn and posts travel photos on Instagram.

Dishant Bhatia

Trained as an architect, Dishant is a curious soul. After spending some years in exhibition design space, he's dived into different domains of architecture, interiors, modular furniture and graphics. He’s also contributed to design education as a part-time educator. When he is not working, he is either busy illustrating or traveling solo and exploring a new city. Read his thoughts on Instagram or watch him talking about design on Youtube.

Ankit Momaya

Ankit is a strong believer in building brands focused on solutions and ROI. This belief became his guiding principle when co-founding Vibrant Moon – a boutique digital marketing agency. Ankit is a collaborator at fish do it. His curiosity to communicate with audiences digitally for more than a decade, is now a passion he passes on to brands. He’s usually developing digital strategies or having a good conversation over food and travel. He’s on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Nerice Ong

Nerice is a fomo designer who adores animals and food. She is passionate about learning all aspects of 2D and 3D design, as well as motion design. As an outgoing book enthusiast, she finds joy in connecting with new people; she believes that meeting strangers enhances storytelling. On her Instagram and LinkedIn, she loves to share delightful street photography and pictures of animals.

Kashish Khan

An interior designer with an MBA in Tourism, when she’s not on the hunt for the world's most perfect chocolate cake or daydreaming about living in France, you can find Kashish having a conversation with every dog she meets. With a wink, a smile and a sprinkle of that je ne sais quoi, she believes in transforming spaces that radiate joie de vivre. Her mission? To infuse every space with charm and delight.

Tanushree Chatterjee

Enthusiastic about transforming spaces, Tanushree is an interior designer who's excited by the world of 3D design. With a cinephile's heart, she draws inspiration from cinema, seamlessly intertwining the art of filmmaking with her design work. Beyond design, Tanushree also finds joy in the culinary arts, savouring the flavours of both aesthetics and cuisine.

Aditi Elassery

Aditi is a graphic designer with a wide range of interests and an obsession for illustrated children's books. Curious by nature, she is always open to learning about new things. In her free time she can be found playing around with analogue printing techniques like cyanotype and linoprinting, or searching for books in second-hand bookshops. Most of her experiments with printmaking can be seen on Instagram.

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