Fevicol Design Ideas Magazine

Originally conceptualised in the 1990s , Fevicol Design Ideas magazine is well-established and used by carpenters pan-India, inspiring them with the latest in furniture & interiors.

The redesign enhances its usefulness with content that helps carpenters and contractors imagine and implement new aesthetic designs without compromising on quality of work.

USPs of the New Fevicol Design Ideas Magazine:

  1. Use of high-quality photorealistic 3D renders, thus reducing the logistical costs while boosting the visuals & content
  2. “Themes” that tie the home together into colour palettes
  3. Laminate library with actual brand / product names
  4. Interior configurations for storage, kitchens, wardrobe
  5. Details such as line drawings and close-up shots that show operating mechanism of storages that help carpenters execute work.

Approach: The latest trends in furniture were studied using the image bank collated by Fevicol from carpenters across India. Interior designers were engaged to design furniture and interiors for the ambient scenes. 3D render artists, Indian and International, were engaged to produce high-quality 3D renders. All themes are region-agnostic and cater to homeowners from emerging cities to metros.

The project covers all aspects of communication design: from addressing the needs of carpenters and consumers, to creative content overhaul, to optimising the project workflow, to visual identity refresh – it repositions the book from a for-good magazine to a professional, practical & useful tool.

Role: Creative Direction, 3D Interior Art Direction & Production, Content Curation, Content Structure & Management, Publication Design, Writing

Duration: 2022, 2023