The Gallery for Lightbox

What is this? A mobile responsive site to evaluate submissions for Lightbox, a venture capital firm.

Brief: How do you spot the next big disruptive idea that could change the world? A good idea shouldn’t be ignored just because its creators don’t have the right connections to get the pitch through. Or because VCs can’t always huddle in one boardroom to evaluate all the pitches that come their way.

For business breakthroughs, every idea has to be weighed and evaluated, but quickly and remotely. That was the brief assigned to us by Lightbox, a Mumbai-based boutique VC firm.

Approach: A tinder-ish app for VCs to spot good ideas.

Process: First, we created a backend to convert pitch proposals to quantifiable data points. Then, we wrote algorithms to assess the potential of the pitches: based on various factors – from the targetted sector to business model, tech play, previous fundings, and more.

Outcome: A light mobile site for the partners at Lightbox to quickly evaluate submissions. Based on the indicative potential of an idea, a partner can quickly make an informed vote – whether to move the discussion to the next level or simply message the founder of the start-up. Along with built-in analytics, partners also could quickly pick up trends from the startup world (for eg., spikes in requests from agro-tech sector etc.).

Role: Creative Direction, UX UI Design, Backend CMS