New Workshop: ‘Manage Design’ – Design Sprints for Practical and Effective Strategy

Last week, we organised and conducted a Design-Sprint-inspired workshop called “Manage Design” at AICL Communications, attended by the design, content and project management/client servicing team at AICL as well as the designers at Some Early Birds, Malaysia. This was a fast-paced workshop so we had fun!

Slide left/right on the images to know what some of the participants thought.


Manage Design: Workshop with Design Sprints on Proposing a Practical and Effective Strategy.

What is this?

A workshop based on design sprints to learn how to propose, prioritise and pitch an actionable strategy for a product, service, brand or client with a quick turnaround.

Elaborate, please…
Brainstorming exercises lead to many ideas, but often, the challenge is to converge ideas into actionable plans that lead to tangible outputs. Through this workshop, participants learn not just how to quickly generate ideas, but how to evaluate ideas via a methodical analysis of the brand, its requirements, and key factors such as timeline, budgets, external issues or scale, to come up with a practical strategy with an intended, purposeful output in sight.

How many people? 20 people
How long did it take? 120 mins

Interested in taking this workshop with a team, or would like us to organise this in your studio/office? 
Drop us a line at and we’ll send you the details.