The Masters’ Gallery by Asian Paints

The Masters Gallery is a design documentation series by Asian Paints featuring the latest and most beautiful projects by up-and-coming architecture & interior design studios from across the country. These projects range from independent homes to apartments, institutional spaces, retail space, hospitality spaces and more. Projects are selected from a pool of hundreds of entries and the work of selected "Masters" are showcased through videos and photography. 

We produced all videos and photographs for Season 1 (launch) and Season 2 of The Masters Gallery.

In total, that's 18 videos, 7 teaser videos, a 20-sec trailer, a 1-min trailer and around 40 projects documented over two years. We also produced a Masters Digest, a short journal for mobile viewing. 

Role: Creative Direction, Content Production, Marketing & Promotions

Duration: 2019, 2020

Collaborators: Ishita Sitwala, Sahil Shah, Niveditaa Gupta, The Cutting Crew