Video Post: Design Q&As at ColourNext 2018

We’ve been rather engrossed talking to some of the most interesting designers in the country. ColourNext 2018, and ColourQuotient’s tie-up videos with Ram Sinam of Wari Watai, Ritika Dhamija of Iqrup + Ritz, and Madhuvanthi Senthilkumar of Taxi Fabric just got released in the last 2 weeks. Check them out here.

The Making of ColourNext 2018 featuring Wari Watai & Asian Paints

Featuring Ram Sinam of Wari Watai and Vidya Iyer of Asian Paints, the video explains what goes into the making of the ColourNext Trends Pavilion.

Done in collaboration with Studio Fry, Delhi | Special thanks to Swati Dua.