Colour Quotient by Asian Paints

What is this? Colour Quotient is an online platform by Asian Paints that journals interesting, unconventional work in architecture, interior design, furniture & product design, and art & installations. The content covers processes, design innovations, creative collaborations and experiments in colour, material & finishes.

We worked with Asian Paints on CQ, curating and publishing over 200plus articles that would interest architects and designers, over a period of 2.5 years.

Videos, Events & More: We also created video content and content-based experiences to showcase Colour Quotient such a Mini Exhibition, Design & Illustration Talks and Workshops, Microsite & Digital Promotions, Printed Newsletters, Marketing Collaterals and more.

Role: Content Curation, Writing & Publishing, Content and Design (Digital & Print), Event Curation, Event Programming, On-ground Execution, Video Scripting & Direction