Fresh off the Press: Of Beasts & Beauty by Bindu

Thirteen stories, thirteen human experiences. From Bindu’s pen.

Published in 2021, by Rati, an imprint of Garuda Prakashan, Of Beasts & Beauty is a collection  of short stories by Bindu Tandon that flutters from setting to setting bringing out stories where fiction and reality are enmeshed into one another. A beautiful complication, yet a simple storytelling style, Bindu takes one from the suburbs of Mumbai to the valleys and forests of Himachal, the changing backdrop adding to the drama of the indistinguishable beast and beauty in each of the characters.

As for the design of the book, we chose a combination of a classic serif type along with a simple and easy-to-read sans serif type for the inner pages. We envisioned a veiled cover image shot where beauty and the beast are embodied in a single person, capturing the mystique of the stories in the book. The cover image was photographed by the talented Chaitanya Swaminathan, who is the son of the author.