WoodTech Emporio NXT

About Asian Paints Emporio NXT: Emporio NXT is a range of special finishes that can be used to spruce up and transform decor items in your home. It’s a range of versatile finishes that can be applied on a variety of surfaces, commonly found on decor items such as metal, glass, plastic, wood etc.

Scope: Designing Brochures and Creating Product Image & Imagery
To create the imagery for Emporio NXT, create “How To DIY” videos for YouTube, design a comprehensive brochure that reflects its various use case scenarios, and an additional brochure that’s optimised for mobile browsing.

Asian Paints Emporio NXT is targeted towards young adults who are getting started in life. It’s for those who desire a premium-looking first home, but don’t want to invest in expensive decor elements that make it so. All in all, it’s the ultimate transformative solution for the thrift-store generation.

We digitally created a series of images using items that can be found in every home. Items ranging from flower pots to hand-me-down furniture. Our brochure outlined the transformative effects of Asian Paints Emporio NXT textures on various decor elements. In the mobile-optimised version of the brochure, we embedded the “How To DIY” videos for a more complete browsing experience.

All that, paired with a friendly, casual and supportive tone of voice, made this product a must have for all enterprising youngsters and creatives.

July 2020


Client: Asian Paints WoodTech
Role: Creative Direction, Tone of Voice & Copywriting,  Graphic Design, Digital Imaging, Video Post-production
Deliverables: Printed Catalogue, Digital (Mobile-optimised) Catalogue, Series of 6 How-to Videos