Safety & Disaster Management Communications, SEEDS

SEEDS, or Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society, is a Delhi-based non-profit organisation with a goal to build resilience towards disasters via practical solutions for disaster readiness response and rehabilitation.

Brief: We were brought on to re-contextualize the NDMC School Safety Policy Report and make it “Youth-friendly” i.e. to appeal to children of the ages 10–16. To create Safety and Disaster Management/Mitigation posters for the school premises. And to come up with a jingle and a video that spreads awareness on Safety & Disaster Management.


Our primary aim was to make the State Disaster Management Plan actionable and youth-friendly such that even school children can understand and implement its key aspects.

Report: Policy reports, while being necessary reading, are long, tedious and boring. Our purpose was to make them engaging enough for children to read, and simple enough for them to remember. We reorganised, rewrote and designed the NDMG School Safety Policy Report to capture children’s attention. By filling it with fun games, anecdotes, tasks and quizzes, we turned the “boring” report into an interesting children’s book.

Posters: The purpose was to show children how they could keep their loved ones safe during common disasters and be better prepared to avoid common accidents.

Video & Jingle: We shot a quick video exploring the kind of safety issues children face on their way to school and back. We came up with a catchy jingle to help them remember what to do when facing a disaster.

Duration: June-September 2020

Credits: We worked closely with Moulshri Joshi of SpaceMatters, a New-Delhi-based architecture & design firm, on this project.  Branding, Brand Guidelines and Illustrations for Honeywell Safe Schools Programme were done by Quicksand Studio. Our work was built on this foundation.