Ironwood Music Experience: Branding & Social Media Launch

What is this? Branding and Social Media Launch for a Music School.

Brief: Ironwood Music Experience is one of the most sought-after boutique music schools in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The enterprise run by founder Charmaine Tan needed a distinct visual identity as they were looking at organizing a 10th Anniversary Recital for their students in 2019.

Background: Alongside mastery of musical instruments, Ironwood is known for giving students hands-on experience in various facets of music like stage performance and live-recording. This is the reason why Ironwood has consistently had an admissions waitlist over the past few years. Its students include children of known public figures in the country.

Approach: “Repeat.” If you know how to read music, the symbol of repeat, a sign that indicates a section should be repeated, becomes your friend. We played on the idea of the repeat symbol to build a logo for Ironwood, extending it into a complete identity system.

Launch event: Themed Fab 50s Mad 60s Ironwood’s 10th Anniversary Recital brought the brand over 200 followers within a couple of days on existing on Instagram. The event branding played on the idea of album covers. Each band performing at the recital was introduced with a unique and “instagrammable” album cover design. This system was used for social media as well as on-ground event.

Role: Branding, Identity Design, Social Media Launch Creatives