LinkedIn Video Stories for CQ by Asian Paints

Client: Asian Paints

Project: Colour Quotient LinkedIn Page

Objective: Engage with architects & designers; Generate awareness via LinkedIn.

Scope: Curation, Scripting & Copywriting, Video Editing

Approach: Series of six 60-sec Video Stories that capture the essence of 500-word editorial articles. Because video content generates more engagement on social media compared to a static post. The videos can be played on mute. Stories were handpicked from the 200+ article bank of CQ, ft. materials, colour, architecture, and design.

Results: This is an experimental format produced to see if readers engage with such videos. Over 10 months, using a combination of paid & organic reach, video & static content, and cross-posting CQ&A video series, CQ’s LinkedIn Page gained 10,000 unique followers.

Produced in collaboration with Chaitanya Swaminathan.

Check out CQ&A, a video interview series also produced in collaboration with Chaitanya.